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slow mornings

laying down in bed, until 11 pm. say goodbye to the morning sun, it’s time to face its newly found harshness. talking about when i was younger, spending time w my mom. i grab my work. i start. my brain wanders so i pick up my pen and start drawing on mom’s right leg. it’s full, with chaotic, expressive pictures. it tickles, she doesn’t mind. … Continue reading slow mornings

we live to be

the sky wasn’t the limit, until it was. now a glass ceilingwe pierce through everyday. millions of firstsbecome common occurrence,in thismodern world. the infinite achievers many still grounded todozens of discoveriesall about our home after all, who is to blame?we are bound here.the least we can do is to explore. Isn’t it interesting how we are all intricately woven into the roots of our planet, … Continue reading we live to be

im grateful

im grateful for the sun casting its beauty across our lands im grateful for words of wisdom printed in ink on cream paper im grateful for texts that make your legs swing up and down im grateful for family, making you do little tippy toe dances im grateful for friends, who bring out wide smiles everyday im grateful for music that makes you bop your … Continue reading im grateful